Procter & Gamble Hall wants to make sure that every guest has a safe and enjoyable visit. To ensure that this goal is met, the owners have outlined a list of rules and policies below Please read and adhere to the following rules as failure to abide by them may result in expulsion from the venue without refund.

If you have any questions, please contact The Procter & Gamble Hall at 513-621-2787.

Accessibility Policy

Procter & Gamble Hall events offer the following accommodations for patrons with accessibility needs.

  • Every floor is accessible through elevators located in the lobby. Wheelchair seating is available at every seating level and section.
  • Access Ambassadors are available at the Southeastern entrance on Elm Street who will help wheelchair bound patrons enter the venue and get to their seats. A limited number of wheelchairs are also available upon request.
  • Four accessible bathrooms are available at the following locations

    Western & Southern lobby (inside the 1241 Elm Street entrance and near the Box Office)
    North side of the Orchestra level of Springer Auditorium
    South side of the Balcony level of Springer Auditorium
    West side of the Ballroom
  • Assistive listening devices are available at guest services. A valid form of ID will be required to rent these devices during the show.
  • Service animals are welcome at the venue

Arrival Policy

For certain events, arriving late may result in guests being asked to wait in the lobby until a designated break period. To avoid frustration, The Procter & Gamble Hall recommends that you arrive no later than 45 minutes before a ticketed event to make sure you have plenty of time to find parking and get to your seat.

Bag Policy

Large bags are not allowed in the venue. Smaller bags may be subject to inspection by event staff and security. Guests may refuse searches and event staff reserves the right to refuse entry.

Cancellation Policy

The Procter & Gamble Hall will make every effort to announce cancellations due to artist cancellation as soon as possible. If your ticketed event is canceled, please call 1-855-310-2525 to ask about rescheduling or ticket refund procedures and policies.

Children Policy

The Procter & Gamble Hall allows children entry into most shows at the venue. If a show or event is age-restricted it will be described as such in the program description or program guide. If a child is disruptive during an event, the child and their accompanying parent or guardian may be asked to wait in the lobby. 

All guests require a ticket regardless of age.

Food Policy

Outside food and drink are not allowed in the theater for most events and shows. Refreshments are available from concessions stands before the show and during intermission.

Lost and Found Policy

Lost an item at an event? You can ask event staff for help with finding the lost and found service. You can also call 513-744-3336 after the performance. Please be prepared to leave your full name, contact information, and a detailed description of your lost item.

The Procter & Gamble Hall does not claim responsibility for your lost possessions.

Prohibited Items

The Procter & Gamble Hall restricts certain items to keep guests and event staff safe. Please refer to the list below for details. All bags and guests are subject to visual inspections and any prohibited items may be disposed of or returned to guest vehicles.

To avoid frustration, please refer to the list below.

  • Alcoholic or other Beverages 
  • Artificial Noise Makers 
  • Audio or Video Recording equipment 
  • Cameras (camera policies vary on an event by event basis) 
  • Bags (larger than 10”x 8”x 8”) 
  • Cans, Glass or Metal containers 
  • Fireworks or any Explosive 
  • Outside Food and Beverage. Only small items from the concessions stands may go into the theatre
  • Illegal Drugs 
  • Knives of any size 
  • Laser Pointers 
  • Masks 
  • Promotional items with commercial identification 
  • Tape Recorders 
  • Large golf or non-telescopic umbrellas 
  • Weapons of any description, including firearms
  • Other items that in the judgment of Procter & Gamble Hall management pose a safety risk or diminish the enjoyment of an event by other patrons.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed at the venue. Please speak with event staff regarding designated smoking areas outside of the venue.