Frozen – The Musical at Procter & Gamble Hall

Frozen - The Musical Tickets

Procter & Gamble Hall | Cincinnati, Ohio

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO FRIDAY 29TH APRIL 2022. Originally Thursday 15th January 2071. All original tickets are still valid!

Are you yearning for the supreme in high quality stage productions for your next Friday night theater visit? Then the gorgeous Procter & Gamble Hall is proud to bring to you Frozen the Musical on Friday 29th April 2022. Loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen story “The Snow Queen”, Frozen has been delivering box office numbers of the sort Walt Disney Animation Studios hasn't seen since the booming age of the early 1990s. Disney's last animated musical, 2010's Tangled, did well, but as Fortune noted, Frozen already has eclipsed its worldwide box office draw. Reserve your seats today and you'll be able to savour this breathtaking musical, click that Buy Tickets link now and get your seat.

Frozen - The Musical at Procter & Gamble Hall

The musical production "Frozen" was based on Disney's animated blockbuster that ranked number 16 in the highest-grossing films worldwide. From the movie houses, the music and magic will now unfold on the theatre stage. No need to go far and wide. "Frozen" will be staged here at the Procter & Gamble Hall, Cincinnati, where audiences from Ohio will be regaled with this wonderfully entertaining treat for the whole family. This show will take its audience to a manifold of emotions, ranging from the chilling to the heartwarming, down to the tear-jerking then laugh-out-loud moments. It's a date with Queen Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff, Olaf, and all the folks of Arendelle. Show up on Friday 29th April 2022, but first, tickets! Click on the 'buy tickets' link to get your tickets now!

Frozen - The Musical at Procter & Gamble Hall

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