Beetlejuice – The Musical at Procter & Gamble Hall

Beetlejuice The Musical at Procter Gamble HallBeetlejuice… Beetlejuice… Be… ready because the hottest ticket is arriving soon – straight from Broadway! This musical comedy is now prepared to haunt houses all across the country, and it’s getting ready to land in Cincinnati, Ohio! It’s going to be screamingly good! Do you think you’re up for this mighty adventure?

Get ready to experience the afterlife like never before because Beetlejuice is inviting you to step into a spooky world filled with thrills and fun. The show will run at the Procter & Gamble Hall from the 16th to the 28th of January, 2024. Whether you’re a fan of the original film from 1988, a theatre lover, or a newbie in the world of Beetlejuice, you’re sure to have an unforgettably splendid time at this show! Grab your tickets to see Beetlejuice in Cincinnati today! Who knows when this limited-time opportunity will ever come again? Don’t wait – secure your tickets before it’s too late!

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“A FEAST FOR THE EYES AND SOUL!” – Entertainment Weekly

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He’s back… and deader than ever! If you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s iconic film, you’re in for a treat with this uproarious musical. Beetlejuice, based on the beloved movie, brings the quirky tale of Lydia Deetz to life. She’s a teenager who’s far from ordinary. Her world takes a supernatural turn when she encounters a recently deceased couple and a mischievous demon with a thing for striped attire.

This musical is a wild ride with a witty script, incredible set design, and a soundtrack that will transport you to the Netherworld. While it may have you possessed… or better yet, obsessed, beneath all the laughs lies a heartwarming story about family, love, and seizing the day, or should we say, “Day-O”! Don’t miss the chance to experience this unforgettable show that’s both hilarious and surprisingly touching.

“A big, fantastical funhouse of Burtonesque magic!” – People Magazine

“Beetlejuice honors and expands on its source material, bringing richness to a beloved story about, well, death.” – The Denver Post

Beetlejuice the Musical features music and lyrics by Eddie Perfect, with the book crafted by Scott Brown and Anthony King. The creative team behind the production includes Rachel Bauder as the Production Stage Manager; Nancy Renee Braun as the Associate Choreographer; Jeremy Chernick as the Special Effects Designer; Michael Curry as the Puppet Designer; and David Dabb for Dance Arrangements. Catie Davis serves as the Associate Director; Joe Dulude II as the Make-Up Designer; Jenny Gersten as the Line Producer; and Peter Hylenski as the Sound Designer. Howard Joines handles Music Coordination; David Korins is the Scenic Designer; Charles Lapointe is the Hair and Wig Designer; and William Ivey Long takes on Costume Design. Peter Nigrini contributes as the Projection Designer; Lorenzo Pisoni as the Physical Movement Coordinator; Kenneth Posner as the Lighting Designer; and Aurora Productions manages Production. Matt Stine works as the Music Producer; Alex Timbers as Director; and Michael Weber as the Illusion Designer.

The musical follows Lydia Deetz. This girls is far from your typical, All-American teenage girl. She dances to the beat of her own drum, embracing her strange and unusual quirks. Lydia’s world revolves around poetry, photography, and all things paranormal and supernatural. Unfortunately, her uniqueness is often misunderstood by her father and stepmother.

But everything changes when she moves into a new home, only to discover that it’s haunted by a recently deceased couple, Barbara and Adam Maitland, as well as the mischievous demon, Beetlejuice. With the guidance of the Maitlands, Lydia embarks on a mission to thwart Beetlejuice’s wild and nefarious plans to return to the realm of the living. Along the way, she undergoes a transformative journey into adulthood.

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“flies by with charm and visual delight, re-creating movie spectacle while adding its own tricks” – The Denver Post

“You can bet “Beetlejuice” the musical is as good as “Beetlejuice” the movie, if not better.” – The San Diego Tribune

Upon the premiere of the musical, it instantly became a hit among the Gen Z audiences. The LA Times explains the possible reasoning behind this in a positive review. They said, “This Lydia resonates with younger audiences not because she drops hollow buzz words but rather because she is wholly realized as a Gen Z protagonist: clever, socially aware, reasonably nihilistic and emotionally honest. And in comparison to her father, his girlfriend and numerous other characters, Lydia is pragmatic, clear-eyed and merely misunderstood, a feeling any younger theatergoer likely knows well.”

If you loved the film, you can expect to love this musical adaptation even more! It’s a pleasant surprise that will keep you on your toes; you’ll never fully know what to expect next. The show is all about Lydia now, a supporting character in the original film. Beetlejuice himself acknowledges this in the production when he says “Holy crap … such a bold departure from the original source material!” 

“Zany, wildly entertaining ‘Beetlejuice’ musical more than does justice to the original film!” – The San Diego Tribune

“A very enjoyable, very self-aware, very slick, very tuneful, very constructed-to-please-the-crowds new Broadway musical.” – Entertainment Weekly

Beetlejuice the Musical

This touring production is going to blow you away with a massive light deck, state-of-the-art projections and sound, multiple sets, spooky special effects and a massive electronic ghost-snake puppet. It also features rapid-fire, joke-filled lyrics that will have you humming and tapping your feet along! You’re never going to stop singing “Beetlejuice… yeeees?” after you come watch this show. 

So, get ready to experience Beetlejuice live when it arrives in Cincinnati, Ohio! Feel free to come in your black-and-white striped suits and bright green hair or fitted red dresses and “Miss Argentina” sashes – it’s your time to fully embody the spirit of Beetlejuice. This is one of the best Broadway productions of this generation and you can’t afford to miss it! You don’t need a trip to Broadway just to come watch the show because it’s coming straight to you. Don’t waste the chance, go ahead and secure your tickets right now!